If the appearance of your wood projects add to the ambiance you’ve designed and created, then be sure to capture and seal in the richness with your choice of clear or colored stain. If the aging process is already taken hold don’t worry, our line of wood sealers not only protect from the elements they also acts as a “self-healer.” As the molecules penetrate the surface of the wood and bond together, it strengthens the material prolonging the lifetime of your investment.

CaraPro® also keeps the feel and touch natural so none of the beauty or aesthetics are lost. And maintenance becomes a thing of the past because you don’t need to reapply every year or two; with CaraPro® you can count on us to protect for up to 7 years. Choice of colors can easily be added so you can choose the perfect stain to contrast or match with your ideal theme settings!

We recommend reapplication every:
3 -7 years to maintain the level of protection
3 years to protect the natural beauty of the wood


There are limitless uses for our wood Sealer & Stains for both commercial and residential including Old & New construction, Repairs, Fencing, Decks, Gazebos, Pergolas, Arbors, Docks, Lattice, Bulkheads & Boathouses, Boardwalks, Log Cabins, Landscape Materials, Patio Furniture, Playground Equipment, Pool Decks, Bridges, Trusses and so much more…….

I. CaraPro® Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Wood Sealer

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1.1_CaraPro Wood Sealer.png

II. CaraPro® Select Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Wood Sealer

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1.2_CaraPro Select Wood Sealer.png

III. CaraPro® Premium Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Wood Sealer (Low VOC)

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1.3_CaraPro Premium Wood Sealer.png